Author Interview: Christine Wilson – Podcast #14

Writing a book is a very common dream but very few people step out on faith to do it. Christine Wilson decided to answer the call and write her story. Her new book "Authentically You - Following Your Own Path" is a power mix of realness and encouragement. In this interview Christine share what was the trigger to get her to start writing again and what your book publishing experiences was like.
My Story, My WHY, My Dream

My Story, My Why, My Dream

Listen to Podcast #013Find out more about “Ms. Nena B.”.  Learn how I moved from being a child with low self-esteem to the personality behind the “Ms. Nena B. Show”.  It’s an amazing journey that is still going.  Let me also introduce you to “The Greatness Quest”.  Listen, learn and be inspired.

Podcast Special: 3 Ways to Drown the Negative Voices

We all have had that voice that whispers in our ear that we aren't good enough or we can't do it. That voice could come late in the night, middle of the day, or first thing in the morning. Or you may hear it all day long. Past being annoying, it can wear on your self-esteem and confidence. We feel like we only have the "devil" sitting on our shoulder and he won't shut up. I wish I had the magic answer to just get rid of the him and/or the voice. However, here are a couple of ways to drown it out. Hopefully it helps.