Podcast 038 – Interview with Dr. Juanita Foster – Leadership is the New Profit

Are businesses missing the impact of bad leadership on their bottom line?

Are leaders born or made… or a combination or both.  How you help leaders grow?  Are you are a profitable business leader? One-minute leadership quiz.
“Leading is the new profit”.  What is the Leadership Mirror?

Listen to this insightful interview with Dr. Juanita Foster, Leadership & Team Development Expert.

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website: http://www.leadingisthenewprofit.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJuanita/

linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/juanitafoster


Juanita Bio: 

Juanita is a Leadership & Team Development Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant.

Her deep passion and commitment to leadership have led her to launch, Educate Motivate Elevate Consulting, LLC (EME Consulting). EME Consulting is committed to working with leaders and aspiring leaders on the nine pillars of leadership so that they show up powerfully and as a result, their organization experience increased profits.

Juanita has spoken on a variety of events and engagements on leadership, team and organizational development. She is known for being informative, interactive, and engaging who equips the audience with strategies that they can immediately implement.

One of her past private clients stated, “Ms. Juanita is an amazing Coach that works diligently with you to objectively establish your business goals.  I am grateful to have come across her business, and I am highly satisfied with her services.”

Juanita received her Certification in Training and Staff Development in 2006, B.S. in Organizational Management in 2007 and M.A. in Organizational Leadership in 2009 from Wilmington University. She received her Ed. D in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University in 2016. She is also a member of Sigma National Honor Society.

Juanita is a Delaware native, a mother of three children and grandmother to two grandchildren. When asked about the source of her passion and commitment, Juanita answered, “I want to be a catalyst for fellow leaders who need support to build a profitable business and successful life.”

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