Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn profile needing a makeover? Are you wondering how to show your professional and entrepreneur experience in your profile? Are you wondering how to find a job on LinkedIn? Are you wondering how to connect to new people on LinkedIn? If so, learn how to establish your personal brand on LinkedIn. Register for […]

Podcast #033 – 2018 Take 2

Do you feel like 2017 just carried over. That it really didn’t stop. You didn’t get that first start of a new year that you expected. Well, time to TAKE 2 on 2018. You get to start again. Set your goals and move forward. Happy New Year.

029 – Interview with Andrea Merriman, Turning Pain into P.E.A.R.L.S.

Andrea Merriman is a Wife, Mother, Speaker, Trainer & Creative Harmony Coach. She has survived the death of two daughters working through the pain with purpose and passion. Working diligently to raise her surviving children she organizes her day to fill her passion, by sharing her techniques and strength with other women in need. Listen as Andrea shared how she took that pain and changed it to PEARLS. P-To Plan, E-Be Empower Yourself, A-Take Action, R-Review, L-Be a Leader, S-Start Sharing. We congratulate Andrea for being one of the phenomenal co-authors of the “Diary of a People Pleasure” compiled by Cheryl Peavy.