029 – Interview with Andrea Merriman, Turning Pain into P.E.A.R.L.S.

Andrea Merriman is a Wife, Mother, Speaker, Trainer & Creative Harmony Coach. She has survived the death of two daughters working through the pain with purpose and passion. Working diligently to raise her surviving children she organizes her day to fill her passion, by sharing her techniques and strength with other women in need.
Listen as Andrea shared how she took that pain and changed it to PEARLS.
P-To Plan, E-Be Empower Yourself, A-Take Action, R-Review, L-Be a Leader, S-Start Sharing.
We congratulate Andrea for being one of the phenomenal co-authors of the “Diary of a People Pleasure” compiled by Cheryl Peavy.

With over twenty years in Human Resources and Customer Focus experience, she has developed two signature programs specifically for women ready to move forward after tough times. Each program offers a holistic approach to healing after tragedy.
Creative Harmony Mastermind™ is a comprehensive program that facilitates self-harmony. It gives steps to get through the tough times and manage day to day task. Techniques learned will range from meditation techniques, essential oil use, time management skills to empower the participant. Learn to walk through your spiritual garden and turn your harm to harmony.
Jennifer Y. Merriman H.E.L.P. Program® offers Hope, Empowerment, Life Skills and Prevention methods to domestic violence survivors and those at risk. Upon completing this sixteen module program participants will understand the importance of being their independent authentic self, which will enable them to lead a life that is productive and free of abuse.

Contact Andrea online at www.andreadmerriman.net for information on speaking events, workshops and one on one coaching. Andrea’s mission is to help you find harmony and embrace ownership of your life.

FACEBOOK: @HarmonyCoachAndrea
When you are the go to person, the problem solver, the one to make others shine, you thrive on being a survivor and a strong woman. But when you take a closer look in the mirror, when you get really naked in your feeling, things look different. You start to wonder, why don’t I like the person that is looking back. You wonder, why you continue to serve others and they continue to take? When did your wishes become suggestions? Then you decide, you don’t know the exact moment it started but it is time to end. It is time to set boundaries and love yourself again. It is time for a change.
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