Let Go and Take Flight

You'll never soar if you don't let go and take flight. ~Ms. Nena B.  Yesterday I released my first e-book "7 Days of Prayer and Meditation." I let go and took flight. It was a surreal feeling to finally share this love product. I am so excited to know that people are reading it and using it. My goal was to keep it simple. I don't believe that God calls us to be complicated in our prayer journey. I believe He just wants us to be sincere in heart. If you don't have it already, I encourage you to request your own copy at msnenabshow.com/free-ebook.

Ms. Nena B. Show Awarded the Liebster Award 2017

Thank you, Heather of MamaCranberry.org  for recognizing me with The Liebster Award. MamaCranberry.org is Inspiring You to Live Life to its Fullest. I love that our tag-lines are about the same and we are all about inspiring and helping people. As part of the award, I have to answer these question from Mama Cranberry. Here it goes:

Author Interview: Felicia Lucas – Podcast #15

Who writes a whole book in 10 weeks? Felicia Lucas does. Listen to how she did it and how she can help you get your book completed. Felicia is an international best-selling author. She has authored 3 books. Her signature "Make It Happen with a Book. Now" program is the perfect coaching and support for new authors. Listen to her story and learn how to move your book from idea to published.

Author Interview: Christine Wilson – Podcast #14

Writing a book is a very common dream but very few people step out on faith to do it. Christine Wilson decided to answer the call and write her story. Her new book "Authentically You - Following Your Own Path" is a power mix of realness and encouragement. In this interview Christine share what was the trigger to get her to start writing again and what your book publishing experiences was like.
My Story, My WHY, My Dream

My Story, My Why, My Dream

Listen to Podcast #013Find out more about “Ms. Nena B.”.  Learn how I moved from being a child with low self-esteem to the personality behind the “Ms. Nena B. Show”.  It’s an amazing journey that is still going.  Let me also introduce you to “The Greatness Quest”.  Listen, learn and be inspired.