Podcast 027 – Interview with Faith-based Life Coach, Renona Peoples – Let’s talk about Abusive Relationships

Fear, Anxiety, Bitterness, Repeating the cycle  Break the bondage on your mind and your emotions. Renona shares her story and how faith-based counseling helped her.  She believes that sharing her story is a calling on her life. She hopes it will help someone else to break free.

Renona Peoples is an Inspirational Speaker and Faith-based Life Coach. She is an ordained Minister and is a Marriage and Relationship Life Coach.  Her Facebook Live Streams have captivated audiences all over where she shares her testimony of surviving domestic violence.  She is passionate about sharing a clear action plan on how to prevent and overcome abuse.
Feel free to connect with Renona Peoples at Peoples Life Coaching:
Twitter: @renonapeoples
Phone: 615-416-2190
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