You are Great

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”
– Muhammad Ali

It you take a moment in observe nature, you can’t help but marvel at the many variations of tree, flowers, bodies of water, lands, etc…. just about everything. Everything is made unique and with a purpose. You are part of that wonderful creation process. You were made unique and with a purpose. We all were. Something special is in you that makes you great. The goal of our life journey should be to discover and share that greatness.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to find out how great you are. What else are you doing with your life. You might surprise yourself.

I don’t think anyone initially wakes up and says “I AM GREAT”. You have to decide that about yourself and then say “let me find out what I’m great at.” Maybe your great at teaching or singing or writing or supporting people. Whatever that thing is, it will bring fulfillment to your life by finding it and walking in it.

If you have discovered that special thing, nurture it by learning and loving it. Share it with others. Make it your life’s joy and purpose. Shout “I AM GREAT. I AM A ________.”

I invite you to BE GREAT and share your GREATNESS. We are all here to help each other. My greatness comes from helping you find your greatness. Let’s be GREAT together.

The Ms. Nena B. Show is designed to inspire you by sharing words of wisdom, insights, and practical life tips to aid you in the discovery and growth of your greatness. I hope you find it to be a GREAT resource.

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  1. Alicia Boisvert - August 30, 2017 Reply


    • nenab - August 30, 2017 Reply

      Alicia, thank you so much for all your comments and support. You are a super support and I really appreciate you.

  2. Tiffany - October 12, 2017 Reply

    I love this! So true that we have to be intentional about tapping into our greatness and knowing our worth. Great read!

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